Gold Medalists

This page is dedicated to the Gold Medal winners of our college. From the year 1960 till 2007 the Gold Medal was given by Ravishankar University. Starting with 2008, NIT Raipur gave the Gold Medals.

Gold medalists from year 1960 to 1999 were taken from the board in which 1976 and 1990 names are missing. For the years 1981 and 1989 there were two toppers. From the year 2000 to 2007 records are being sought from the University.

Since the year 2008 NIT Raipur took over the task of conducting the examination. They have maintained a list of overall toppers and branch toppers here.

Graduation Year Gold Medalist Branch
1960 Binay Kumar Singh Mining
1961 A. Venkatrama Rao Metallurgy
1962 Tej Balraj Singh Mechanical
1963 Ravindra N. Samal Metallurgy
1964 Pradeep Dwivedi Mechanical
1965 Aftab Ahmed Electrical
1966 D. G. Motwani Mechanical
1967 Uttam Chand Jain Mechanical
1968 S. V. Sachdev Chemical
1969 Baldev Raj Metallurgy
1970 Surendra S. Mehata Chemical
1971 Ramniwas Agrawal Electrical
1972 Manohar Lal Baharani Electrical
1973 Vinod Kumar Dua Electrical
1974 Hashmukh Dedhia Chemical
1975 Sudhir Vasudeva Chemical
1977 Deo Kishan Rathi Chemical
1978 Jagatamamd Jha Mechanical
1979 Narayan Das Rathi Mechanical
1980 Aminuddin Civil
1981 Rajesh K. Goverdhan
Ravindra K. Ghanekar
1982 Arun Verma Mechanical
1983 Rakesh Chaturvedi Civil
1984 Anand K. Vaishampayan Mechanical
1985 Sunil Kumar Gupta Electrical
1986 Sudhir Kumar Agrawal Civil
1987 Abhay M. Tarnekar Mechanical
1988 Vivekanand S. Vadodkar Mechanical
1989 Sunil Kumar Lal
G. V. Srinivas
Electronics and Telecommunication
1991 Ajay Bansal Chemical
1992 Alpana Shukla Electrical
1993 Utpal Saikhedkar Mechanical
1994 Sharat Chandra Tiwari Electrical
1995 Sunil Kumar Kashiwar Electrical
1996 Arvind Galande Chemical
1997 Suresh Kumar Sahu Electrical
1998 Anshul Patni Electrical
1999 Shishir Chandra Tiwari Electrical
2008 Jamila Jafer Civil
2009 Divya Pande Electrical
2010 Vikram Singh Parihar Computer Science and Engineering
2011 Anurag Shrivastava Electronics and Telecommunication
2012 Prashutosh Gupta Electronics and Telecommunication
2013 Ankita Agrawal Electronics and Telecommunication
2014 Vidit Agrawal Metallurgy
2015 Pooja Agrawal Civil
2016 Himanshu Wadhwani Mining
2017 Priti Agrawal Computer Science and Engineering
2018 Aishwarya Shrivastava Computer Science and Engineering
2019 Ishaan Singhal
Simran Goyal
Computer Science and Engineering
2020 Abhishek Gupta Computer Science and Engineering
2021 Harshita Sharma Computer Science and Engineering

Please note that the information provided on this page is based on our best efforts to collect the information from reliable sources. If you notice any discrepancy, please send an email to us at the address given at the bottom of this page.