Executive Committee : 2019-21

Mr. Kailash Dhar Diwan
Branch: Electrical    Batch: 1981
Phone no.: 9831075532
Email: diwan_kd@yahoo.in
Mr. Komal Chand Parakh
Vice President
Branch: Mechanical    Batch: 1985
Phone no.: 9329021297
Email: komalchandparakh@gmail.com
Mr. Mahesh Kumar Chandak
Vice President
Branch: Mechanical    Batch: 1988
Phone no.: 9425203044
Email: lealcoat29@rediffmail.com
A native of Raipur, Mahesh worked with NTPC and NECO before starting his own entrepreneurial venture. He was involved in his batch's Silver Jubilee. After that he played a leading role in the Alumni Association. He was involved in 2017 Global Alumni Meet. He also worked on the Golden Tower. He was involved in the Alumni Website projects from the beginning representing the association's interests.
Mr. Anant Singh Parihar
Branch: Civil    Batch: 1996
Phone no.: 9827136990
Email: anant.parihar@gmail.com
Mr. Mohar Singh
Branch: Electrical    Batch: 1992
Phone no.: 9425208863
Email: jmohar@rediffmail.com
Mr. Deepak Kumar Jain
Branch: Chemical    Batch: 1995
Phone no.: 9826250720
Email: deepak1760@yahoo.com
Mr. Manohar Lal Baharani
Branch: Electrical    Batch: 1972
Phone no.: 8319723072
Email: manoharlal.baharani@gmail.com
Manohar, an Engineer by profession; has served metallurgical industry & power sector for forty years in the areas of engineering, consulting and projects execution. As a technical expert he served United Nations Climate Change Secretariat on short assignments for the past ten years. Currently he is also nurturing the social fabric through training, mentoring the youth and sensitising the corporate social responsibility.
Mr. Jay Kumar Soni
Branch: Metallurgy    Batch: 1985
Phone no.: 9425532636
Email: jkkorba@gmail.com
Ms. Kotima Weake
Branch: Civil    Batch: 1986
Phone no.: 9753109009
Email: kotima5329@gmail.com
Mr. Indra Kumar Hinduja
Branch: Chemical    Batch: 1987
Phone no.: 9425504730
Email: ektamedicos@gmail.com
Mr. Navneet Narain
Branch: Mechanical    Batch: 1994
Phone no.: 9717936655
Email: narainnavneet@gmail.com
Mr. Toshendra Sahu
Branch: Electrical    Batch: 1995
Phone no.: 9407980598
Email: sahutn24@gmail.com
Mr. Amit Kedia
Branch: Mechanical    Batch: 1998
Phone no.: 7222944415
Email: amitkda@yahoo.com
Mr. Avinash Bouddh
Branch: Civil    Batch: 2007
Phone no.: 9754718386
Email: avinashbouddh@gmail.com
Mr. Sunil Kumar Agrawal
Co-opt Member
Branch: Chemical    Batch: 1973
Phone no.: 9826128600
Email: nsa@lnsind.com
Mr. Umesh Chitlangia
Co-opt Member
Branch: Mechanical    Batch: 1976
Phone no.: 9893122461
Email: director.polybond@gmail.com
Mr. Tapas Kumar Ghosh
Co-opt Member
Branch: Civil    Batch: 1970
Phone no.: 8334878788
Email: tapaskghosh@gmail.com