Springs - Activities worldwide

The biological lifecycle voyage in an ambience at Institute’s campus created the space in our minds for friends to open up their hearts. This study tenure occurring during the most productive youth age; at a time when parental surveillance gets receding and is prior to getting into own family life; forges friendships that lasts more than even the entire married life. We all achieved an academic milestone that cast foundation for our lifetime profession. We feel proud that our professionals services contributes in the creation of life support devices for various needs and comforts in humanities lifestyle evolution process. The nuances of college life besides academics have been heart warming on many counts; be it sports, extracurricular activities, exchange of pleasantries, forging new friendships, fun & fellowships, learning photography, music and many more traits for life ahead. Each one of us cherish the sweet memories unique to our experiences, enjoyments and success stories. As the energy of thunder is absorbed, reinforced and spread by the wind; the energy of thoughts is absorbed, reinforced and spread by our Alumnae activities worldwide.

Deriving strength from an indelible imprints of our lives in the campus of GECNIT Raipur; Alumni forged out in the year 2006 has gone a longways ahead by attaining a global presence in eighteen countries besides majority of States in India. The springs of joy through Alumnae activities are spreading on many counts at several locations. We began with nurturing of bondages through “Helping Hand”, Alumnae has to its credit of many laurels; be it blood donation, funds donations to needy for education, treatment of severe ailments, finding missing Alumnae suffering from dementia and many more. Another interesting is daily interactions by Alumnae in 130 WhatsApp groups worldwide. The interactions cover forwarding preachings, honouring achievers on professional fronts, wishing birthdays, expressing condolences for the departed souls, sharing important developments, notifying employment vacancies, organising tree plantations, having fun & fellowship meetings at local levels and many more. There are invisible interactions as well amongst Alumnae through Alumni Connect mobile App. Through this Alumni Connect App important developments are being regularly notified to 15000+ members. This App and WhatsApp groups networking is also utilised for activating / implementing Helping Hand endeavours, seeking grants for the infrastructure of Golden Tower and similar applications as and when decided by the Executive Committee. Sharing ad-memoirs of college days in Alumnae Souvenirs is a regular feature to maintain nostalgia of life at Institute. The e-news letter of Institute also covers an update on Alumnae activities at regular intervals. At central level, the executive committee gets elected every two years. We have thrust on enhancing Alumni - Institute interactions so that Alumnae can contribute to the growth of upcoming students. Alumnae at Head Quarter maintains regular interaction with State Government, promotes students activities by sponsoring “photography club” , supporting entrepreneurship cell and similar initiatives by the ongoing students. Every year a mega re-union meet is planned at the Institute’s campus in Raipur. Family participations are encouraged. The regional chapters also arrange global meets. Glimpses of one such meets at Raipur in 2017 and Hyderabad in 2018 are depicted in the pictures. Similar meets of fun & fellowship are a regular feature in our various Chapters worldwide.