In 2010, a student did not come back to the institute after 2nd semester. When Dr. Manoj Pradhan (85-Mining), Associate Professor, NIT, came to know of such a happening, he made enquiries only to find out that the student’s family simply do not have any money to support his education and the student is working as daily wage labourer. Dr. Pradhan coordinated with student’s classmates to call him back and arranged for necessary funds from few alumni to ensure his continuing education, thus laying the foundation of Student Educational Assistance Fund.

Later a committee, very deservingly patronized under Dr. Pradhan, was formed to look after all SEAF related activities. This includes vetting of applications and candidates for genuineness, assessing the quantum of help required, disbursing the help in an orderly manner and time to time checking that the help is producing the desired results.

Initially, only those cases were taken up where the students were almost on the verge of leaving the institute because of financial reasons. But encouraged by the alumni’s responses and contributions in 2010 to 2014, SEAF is expanding its activities.

We are also planning to generate enough funds each year, not only to meet out the yearly outlay but also to substantially add to the SEAF corpus fund.

In brief, data for the previous sessions is displayed as below –

Session Number of Students Getting Help
2010 – 11 3
2011 – 12 1
2012 – 13 5
2013 – 14 5
2014 – 15 14
2015 – 16 5
2016 – 17 11
2017 – 18 9
2018 – 19 6
2019 – 20 10
2020 – 21 2

Dear alumni, one of the easiest and emotionally most stimulating ways to connect back to our alma mater is to help out the poor, needy and deserving students. The help goes directly to the point where it is needed, provides immediate relief and produces clearly demonstrable results.

We are appealing for your contributions – a little in the form of money and a lot in the form of guidance and suggestions. Going by the moral boosting response we received in the past 5 years, we are sure to meet all our targets of getting suggestions, extending help and receiving required funds. Although many were, and are, willing to donate large sums of money, we took only a predetermined maximum amount from anyone. This is to involve more and more alumni and to have a broad base of donors and contributors.

Presently we have formulated two lines of contributions/donations –

  1. Contribute Rs. 1,000.00 or Rs. 10,000.00 annually for a fixed number of years as per your liking and convenience.
  2. Make one time donation of minimum Rs. 5,000.00 to maximum Rs. 20,000.00.

You may directly deposit your contributions in the alumni association's bank account.

Bank: State Bank of India, GCET Branch, Raipur
Account No: 34315297640
IFS Code: SBIN0002852

Please inform us on regarding your contribution.

For any other queries, please contact SEAF committee members

Dr. Manoj Pradhan Patron 85 Mining 98265 40711
Mr. Mahesh Chandak Coordinator 88 Mech 9425203044
Mr. Vivek Ranjan Gupta Coordinator 88 Mech 9425203368
Mr. A.P. Rajimwale Dean S/W, NIT, Raipur   9893411846
Mr. Alok Guha Member 84 Min 94252 06710
Mr. Rajendra Agrawal Member 83 Civil 94252 10113
Mr. U.P.Ojha Member 83 Mech 9893411846
Mr. Riyaz Amber Member 83 Mech 94254 40152
Mr. Praveen Parakh Member 89 Civil 7415678691